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Welcome to our website. We invite you to view our products and services at your convenience.

Our Location​

We are located at Agua Viva, 70 Lopinot Settlement, Lopinot, Trinidad. You have the option visit our AVE Garden Centre or AVE Recreational Tilapia in picturesque Lopinot. We do request that you book in advance using our Visitor Bookings page.

Visitor Bookings

To visit us in Lopinot to experience our Garden Centre or Fish at the Tilapia Pond, we have created an appointment system. We kindly ask visitors to book at least 12 hours in advance to confirm our availability to meet your needs. For more immediate bookings please call or WhatsApp us at 1-868-784-2356.

Garden Centre

Admire, order and shop an unmatched variety of herbs, spices, medicinal plants and ornamentals. Visit our Shop page.

Recreational Tilapia Fishing

The large pond is stocked with two different varieties of Tilapia and we supply rods and bait for “Catch and Release” recreational fishing. The barbs of the fish hooks have been removed for minimal damage and easy release of caught fish.

Our rates for visitors to access our Tilapia Pond Area for approximately 1.5 hours, inclusive of rods and bait are:
1) $30 for Adults 13 years old and over
2) $20 for Children 5 to 12 years old but there must be at least 1 adult per 5 children at this age
3) $10 for Children 1 to 4 years old but there must be at least 1 adult per 2 children at this age
4) $20 per pound for any caught fish you would like to keep

Pick-Up Locations

You have the option to order online, and pay and collect at our convenient pick-up locations in eastern (Trincity and Tunapuna), central (Chaguanas) and southern (Marabella) Trinidad for an additional TT$40. Once you place your order, we will call or message to confirm the arrangements. 

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