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The Story

About Us

Cornelius Cyprian Ruiz worked with the Works and Hydraulics Department in the Caura Valley and was among those displaced with the construction of the Caura Dam after the Second World War. He said that he was the last to leave "the Caura gates" in 1945 and was relocated to the Lopinot land settlement with his family. There he was given allotment 36 to build his house and lots 70 and 71, which amounted to just over two acres, as his plantation.

He continued to work with the Central Water Distribution Authority (CWDA) in Lopinot and was responsible for pumping water to the village from the spring in the back road, which today is known as Cantamono Road. The CWDA became the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) in 1965.

He passed on in 1985, and in 2001 the family decided to subdivide the property by assigning lot 70 to Arthur Guerrero, the only son of Cyprian’s daughter, Hildred, and Lot 71 to Glenda Salina, the eldest daughter of Cyprian’s son, Simeon 'Sonny Boy' Gomez.

Lot 70 was actually the lowest area of the Lopinot Valley, very swampy on the eastern side and with about 7 large bamboo stools. The land rose from east to west with the land closest to the river being the most cultivable area with christophene (chayote) growing among the cocoa trees.

In early 2002, in an attempt to establish a place to stay close to the back road entrance and while trying to dig a pit for a toilet, water was discovered at about four feet and digging could not be continued as the sides kept caving in. 

It was at this time the decision was made to dig a pond to rear tilapia and this turned out to be very worthwhile. An area of 170 feet going east to west and 40 feet going north to south was dug out. The site was called Agua Viva which means 'living water' because of the abundance of fresh water that sprung up when dug in 2002.

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We provide a variety of products and services, namely:

  • Garden Centre

  • Recreational Fishing (with an option to purchase)

  • Heritage Herb Garden Tours

Garden Centre

We nurture top-quality trees and plants that can be ordered online and collected at the newly-opened Garden Centre in Lopinot. The Centre is located in a beautiful setting where you can admire and acquire an unmatched variety of plants, with our friendly and knowledgeable staff eager to help you with suggestions or planting advice.

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Recreational Fishing

The large pond is stocked with two different varieties of tilapia and we supply rods and bait for 'Catch and Release' recreational fishing. The barbs of the fish hooks have been removed for minimal damage and easy release of caught fish. If the fish are large enough, once caught, you may also purchase your catch since some have been weighed at up to 1 kg.

Heritage Herb Garden Tours

In 2017, the Heritage Herb Garden was established featuring medicinal herbs commonly used. This is an outdoor museum, where many healing and culinary herbs are grown with written descriptive displays.

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